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Happy New Year!

Chattering Children wants you to learn about our clinicians, useful tips, projects and opportunities for our community to support each other and children with hearing loss.

All of us at Chattering Children wish you an your family the very best in 2018!

Staff Spotlight
Gloria Menezes-Furtado, M.E.D., LSLS Cert AVT
Gloria holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature, as well as a Master’s of Education of the Deaf. She is a certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist and holds certification as a Teacher of the Deaf. She has worked with children and their families for more than fourteen years. Her experiences include supporting mainstream students with hearing loss in areas of language and academics, as well as individualized instruction in speech and auditory skills. Gloria has become a mentor to others in the field because of her expertise in the Auditory-Verbal approach to therapy for deaf children. Her interests include integrating technology into intervention and using a whole-child approach, and working with children with additional disabilities.
William Mellon, B.A.
Will Mellon is a research and clinical assistant at Chattering Children. Will holds a BA from Skidmore College in psychology and history. He assists the Chattering Children audiologists with clinical operations and research involving children with hearing loss. Will is a bilateral cochlear implant user who received his first CI at age two.

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You will find fun t-shirts and other items at TiedToHome an Etsy shop run by a parent of two Chattering Children clients. A portion of the proceeds is donated to Chattering Children.
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Noisy Toys are a No-no!
Some toys are so noisy that they can cause additional hearing loss or can be painful for your little one to hear. Check out the Sight & Hearing Association’s Noisy Toys List of 2017 shown below. It lists popular toys with their targeted ages and measure of decibels each toy emits.

Most of these toys fall in the red zone on the Audiogram of Familiar Sounds, which can be as loud as an airplane jet or semi-truck. Try to avoid these toys or keep the batteries out! Another trick is to cover the speaker holes with clear packing tape to reduce the sound.